YouTuber Phil Lester comes out as gay

Phil came out just weeks after his friend Daniel Howell opened up about his sexuality


Words: Steve Brown

YouTuber Phil Lester has come out as gay.

Weeks after his friend and fellow YouTuber Daniel Howell opened up about his sexuality, Lester posted a video onto his channel with the title: “Coming out to you.”

In the video, he says: “I’m gay! It’s great! I’m happy! And hopefully you’re happy for me too.“If not, I hope you have a think about why you want a fellow human to be unhappy.

“And not true to who they are. And of that is a healthy mindset to have.”

He talks about how he has known he was gay since he was about 12 and realised when he was relaxing on the beach and saw a ‘beautiful’ topless guy walking passed.

He then talks about how he started to feel ashamed of feeling like this todays another man due to the attitudes of the people around him.

Watch his coming out video below: