Yungblud takes aim at 'homophobic, Islamophobic, racist' Boris Johnson

The British singer speaks out against the Prime Minister and his right-wing Tory cabinet


Words: Thomas Stichbury

Yungblud points to the power of today’s youth as he takes a stand against Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Firing on all cylinders, the 'Anarchy' singer sticks it to Bojo and his Tory cabinet of right-wingers in Attitude’s September Style issue - available to order globally or download to any device now.

“Boris led the Brexit campaign, started campaigning to get higher and higher, and fuck he’s Prime Minister,” he says.

“I’m upset. It’s very unnerving that a homophobic, Islamophobic, racist guy is leading our country.”

The former Mayor of London sparked concern when he appointed Priti Patel, an advocate for the return of the death penalty, as home secretary, and Gavin Williamson, a man who has voted against LGBTQ rights, as his new education secretary.

Yungblud shot exclusively for Attitude's September Style issue by Olivier Yoan

Johnson previously stirred controversy after publicly making disparaging remarks about gay men, Muslim women and people of colour.

Yungblud argues that worrying parallels can be drawn between Johnson and fellow “clown” Donald Trump across the pond.

“The clown is the main event at the circus. People look at it, but they don’t think about it because it makes us laugh, so, of course, Boris’s rise was always going to happen," he adds.

“There are now world leaders, Johnson and Trump, fighting for old habits and ideologies."

But all is not lost, and the 22-year-old rocker assures that there is a secret weapon in the battle to right the wrongs of the world: young people.

He continues: “We have access to so much information and we use it. If you asked a young person five years ago, ‘Are you into politics?’ they’d have said, ‘Fuck no, fuck that, I’m just going to play my PS4, listen to The Wombats and smoke some weed.

“Now, it’s a different thing, it’s cool to know shit. It’s not because we’re hipsters and like oatmeal lattes. It’s because we genuinely give a fuck. We’re trying to make a difference.

Yungblud shot exclusively for Attitude's September Style issue by Olivier Yoan

“It was the young people 10 years ago who were fighting for gay marriage to be accepted, and it was the young people from the Sixties and the Seventies trying to bring an end to war in Vietnam.”

Earlier this month, Yungblud – whose new single 'Hope for the Underrated Youth' is out now – stuck it to the establishment when he performed on a boat filled with his fans on the River Thames.

The gig concluded with a bright purple projection of the words, “There’s hope for the underrated youth,” on the Houses of Parliament.

“They [the powers that be] will underrate us because they’re intimidated by us. We can genuinely look them in the eye and go, ‘You’re wrong’.

“I can go on my phone and figure anything out if I really want to. I can challenge anybody. I could have a debate on live TV with fucking Boris Johnson!” he maintains.

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