Zac Efron opens up about what it was like kissing another guy for the first time

Zac Efron has opened up about what it was like to kiss The Rock. The Hollywood actors both star in the blockbuster reboot of Baywatch, and in one particularly noteworthy scene they end up sharing a brief kiss. During an appearance on The Late Late Show earlier this week, James Cordon asked the star what it was like getting intimate with the former wrestler for his first man-on-man kiss. “There’s a scene in the movie where you make out with The Rock. My question is – What does The Rock taste like?” asked the former Gavin & Stacy star. Zac responded: "To be completely honest, kissing a dude is weird at first, but he was a bit like a “Winter Fresh” commercial, like cherry chap stick. It was like, ‘He’s good at that too?!’ "He’s just the best at everything. It was an awesome kiss.” Watch him chat about the moment below: