9 of the most memorable LGBTQ sex scenes on TV

These are the scenes that pushed things forward.


Ah, sex. Remember what that is? Or what it felt like? For those of us who are single *sob* or who aren’t in lockdown with our partners, COVID-19 has proven to be, among other things, the ultimate c*** block.

Yep, getting any action while keeping your two metres’ distance from somebody is pretty impossible. However, to take the edge off your government-enforced celibacy and quench at least a little of your thirst during #Queerantine, we have rounded up some of the most memorable LGBTQ sex scenes broadcast on television.

From the game-changing to the just plain hot, these are the scenes that have stuck with us since. Trust, it was an oh-so difficult task to re-watch them all…

American Gods - Salim and Jinn (2017)

Classic love story: guy meets a cute cab driver, who turns out to be a freakin’ fire god with a penchant for pounding.

Bryan Fuller’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s beloved novel turned up the heat, literally and figuratively, with this scorcher of a sex scene between Muslim immigrant Salim and the mythological, Jinn. Praise be, indeed.

The L Word - Tina and Bette (2008)

Turns out Nigella isn’t the only person who can spice things up in the kitchen. In this sizzling episode from season five of the lesbian drama, sexual tensions simmer and then boil over when Tina visits partnered-up Bette – poor Jodi! – while she is preparing dinner.

Needless to say, Bette quickly forgets about her stir-fry…

Pose - Pray Tell and Ricky (2019)

Ryan Murphy’s ground-breaking series served up something we rarely see on mainstream television: an unadulterated celebration of black queer bodies.

In his first-ever nude scene, Billy Porter’s Pray Tell sleeps with young Ricky (Dyllon Burnside), who is still coming to terms with his recent HIV-positive diagnosis. Tender, passionate and oh so powerful.

Euphoria - Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson (2019)

HBO’s terrific teen drama starring Zendaya reached a real high with an animated sequence inspired by One Direction “Larry Stylinson” fan fiction: Harry Styles, in illustrated form, is seen, erm, relieving Louis Tomlinson ahead of a gig.

However, real-life Louis didn’t see the funny side and kicked off about it on Twitter. It’s only fantasy, hun…

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Willow and Tara (2001)

Musical extravaganza ‘Once More with Feeling’ hit all the rights note, but the episode well and truly slayed during the ‘Under Your Spell’ number, when witchy Willow is seen going down on girlfriend Tara.

Indeed, Tara gets so jazzed that she starts levitating – work that cunnilingus magic, girl!

Elite - Valerio, Cayetana and Polo (2020)

Who said three’s a crowd? Netflix’s Spanish stunner proves the adage wrong in its recent third season, delivering a tasty “el grupo des tres” when fledging “throuple” Valerio, Cayetana and Polo – yes, he is a murderer, but he’s also fit – seal the deal.

Don’t know about you, but we needed a siesta afterwards.

Sense8 - Everyone (2015 & 2018)

The Wachowski’s epic saga, about eight strangers who are emotionally and mentally linked together, is known for its hot-as-f*** sex scenes – including multiple telepathic orgies that cross the boundaries of gender and sexuality, as straight, gay and trans characters get it on.

A special shoutout also goes to hacktivist Nomi and her girlfriend Amanita for their rainbow dildo – we want one!

Special (2019)

Created by and starring Ryan O’Connell, this frank and funny coming of age drama follows a young gay man with cerebral palsy trying to live his best life – that goes for in the bedroom, too.

One standout scene sees our protagonist hire a sex worker and it’ll make you ugly cry (in a good way, promise).

Queer as Folk - Stuart and Nathan (1999)

Of course, Russell T Davies’s seminal series makes the cut. No ifs or butts, that rimming scene was a game-changer.

It wasn’t just a sexual awakening for on-screen character Nathan (Charlie Hunnam) – teased to ecstasy by Aiden Gillen’s Stuart – but also for so many gay teens squirrelled under their blankets watching at home.