A Gay and A NonGay host James Barr: ‘Gay and straight people need to hang out more’

Comedians and podcast hosts James Barr and Dan Hudson reflect on the songs and podcasts that have uniquely shaped their lives in Attitude x Spotify's #OnlyYou series.


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Images: Markus Bidaux 

As hosts of hit comedy podcast A Gay and A NonGay, James Barr and Dan Hudson know all about finding common ground across the sexuality divide.

As the friends and comedians join Attitude for a brand new video series in partnership with Spotify, which sees LGBTQ stars reveal the songs and podcasts that have shaped their lives, they're keen to remind us that while our similarities (and a near-universal love for Carly Rae Jepsen) might bring us together in the most surprising of ways, our differences are still worth celebrating.

A Gay and A NonGay first premiered in 2017 and regularly sees James and Dan discuss everything from mental health and dating to homophobia and coming out, with each bringing their own unique perspective to day-to-day life dilemmas.

It may come as no surprise which podcast they recommend listening to when asked by Attitude and Spotify.

“I mean obviously A Gay and A NonGay, because that’s the podcast we create, and we think it’s amazing", declares James. "We’re so lucky to have our listeners in our lives – it’s cool right?”

“Yeah, so he’s gay and I’m not, and that’s basically the premise,” adds Dan.

James continues: “That is the premise. But what we found in that is actually that gay and non-gay people don’t really hang out that often.

“If we want to create equality and breed allies – interesting terminology – then we need to hang out with each other and show each other that our differences make us special.

“That’s kind of what we’ve created with our podcast and we’re really proud of it.”

As it turns out, James and Dan have rather different points of reference when it comes to revealing the songs that soundtrack their lives - but there is at least one pop girl who can be relied upon to unite this gay and straight man in musical appreciation. 

“Surprisingly enough, the song that puts me in a really good mood is Carly Rae Jepsen, ‘I Really Like You’,” grins Dan.

“It’s just such a banger! I mean, it is what it is... It actually has started to permeate into rock clubs and things like that, because it’s just such a fun tune.”

“Oh my God, I could kiss you," exclaims James, before quipping: “Call me maybe?”

“That's overplayed though – whereas 'I Really Like You' is underplayed”, Dan counters.

James responds with a statement we're sure everything can all agree on: “I mean, it is underplayed – [but] all of Carly Rae Jepsen’s music is completely underplayed!”

Listen to the Only A Gay and A NonGay playlist on Spotify and below. To discover more about your own unique listening habits, visit spotify.com/onlyyou.