Ava Max won't 'label' her sexuality

"I like it when it’s about who you are as a person."


Words: Thomas Stichbury

Ava Max has opened up about her sexual identity – and says she doesn’t believe in putting people into boxes.

Shrugging off lazy labels, the outspoken pop star says she is in favour of simply going with the flow.

“Personally, I like it when it’s about who you are as a person. I don’t like people putting me, or anyone else I know in a box,” she says in the Attitude Awards issue, available to download and to order globally now.

The 'Sweet But Psycho' singer explains that prefers to keep a lid on her private life, but reveals she has had crushes on women in the past.

“I have been attracted to a girl before,” Ava – full name Amanda Ava Koci – continues. “So I don’t think you should label it.”

Picking up the Breakthrough Artist award at last night’s [October 9] Attitude Awards, the chart-topper has been burned by her fair share of men.

“I have been cheated on and it was horrible. My heart was broken. I found him talking to someone else on his phone. You just feel empty,” she recalls.

“I wanted to kill the guy, but I couldn’t, obviously, because I’d go to jail. I was like, you can’t kill a guy who cheated? Dammit!” she exclaims.

Ava, 25, also teases that she has a huge LGBTQ bop up her sleeve.

“It’s going to be the biggest anthem of the year, I’m calling it,” she vows.

“It’s basically saying, what if gays and girls ruled the world.”

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