Blu Hydrangea thinks Kitty Scott-Claus is the love child of these two Drag Race UK stars

"I love Kitty," SE1's Miss Congeniality tells Attitude, adding she's "probably" backing the queen to win Drag Race UK SE3


Words: Alastair James; pictures: Instagram/@bluhydrangea_ and BBC

Drag Race UK's Blu Hydrangea has given us a lot to think about (maybe TOO much!) after revealing which Drag Race UK season 3 queen she thinks is the love child of the show's previous stars.

The queen, 25, from Belfast in Northern Ireland came in fifth place in Drag Race UK's first season and won the country's heart becoming the season's Miss Congeniality. 

Speaking to Attitude Blu also discussed where the show is going and whether we can expect to see any more from the Frock Destroyers in the near future. 

"She's just camp"

Blu, who was initially rooting for Victoria Scone (weren't we all!), says she's now "probably" backing Kitty.

"[I] love Kitty," she said. "She's just camp. She reminds me of, like, [if] Baga [Chipz] and Cheryl [Hole] had a baby and Kitty popped out."

Speaking ahead of last week's episode, Blu also said she was rooting for the since-eliminated Charity Kase, praising her "amazing looks."

Blu also thinks we're seeing more of the diversity of the UK drag scene with each season of Drag Race UK and that going forward, it would be "amazing" to see more drag kings and AFAB [Assigned Female at Birth] queens, as well as trans queens on the show.

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"You know what was a really good show for that? The drag karaoke show [Karaoke Club: Drag Edition]. Really diverse.

"I could see Drag Race going in that direction because drag in the UK is that! Getting drunk in a bar and singing karaoke with all kinds of people!"

Asked about the future of everybody's favourite drag band the Frock Destroyers, Blu said there had been hopes for a Eurovision appearance.

"The Frock Destroyers, I believe, were in talks to be on the 2021 Eurovision. It just didn't happen. But fingers crossed for the future," adding confidently they wouldn't have got nil points. (Even though she thinks she would have been relegated to the back of the stage with a tambourine!)

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"Frock Destroyers was one of the best situations that I was in on that show, one of the best things I do on the road now," she said. "I always love finishing a show with 'Break Up Bye Bye' and seeing everyone do the little dance.

"It's just so fun. And I love working with Baga and Divina [De Campo] - they're both nightmares in their own way, but they're my nightmares."

As for any future Frock Destroyer plans, Blu was fairly tight-lipped but did reveal a "prolonged stay" in the US was coming...

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Speaking to Attitude while in Swansea for Netflix's I Like to Watch UK tour, which supported small, local LGBTQ venues, Blu remembered getting her start in such places back in Belfast.

"It was my career, prior to Drag Race, that was just my whole career," she said. "They're normally my favorite venues to perform in because they feel like the first time again where you're really craving these people's support because they're so intimately in front of you!

"I love small bars. If it wasn't for them I probably wouldn't have ever had a stage to perform on back in Belfast."

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