Brawl breaks out at gay circuit party in Mykonos during song from 'The Greatest Showman'

*sings* This is the greatest show.


When you think of a gay circuit party in Mykonos, all sorts of behaviour probably springs to mind - and not much of it printable. 

However, one thing party-goers at XLSIOR Festival last weekend probably weren't expecting to see was a full-scale brawl break out on the dancefloor.

In footage posted on Facebook, which has since been viewed almost 40,000 times, a number of shirtless men attending the party on the Greek island can be seen engaged a violent punch-up while shocked bystanders watch on and occasionally become embroiled in the chaos.

Of course, this being a gay circuit party, the ridiculousness of the scene is only heightened by the fact that a dance remix of 'Never Enough' from The Greatest Showman soundtrack is blaring over the top of the pandemonium.

The response on Facebook ranged from the outraged to the curious.

"Matter of fact this entire display is beyond disappointing. I expect better from the gays. Leave that B.S display of aggression to idiotic straight boys," wrote one user.

Another commented: "Omg what mix is that?!"

Separate footage posted on Facebook later showed several of the troublemakers being escorted out the venue.

Watch the unlikely scene below:

h/t: Hornet