Bridgerton's Jonathan Bailey on sex scenes: 'We have some hilarious moments'

"It’s amazing what you can do with a half-inflated netball," the 33-year-old actor says.


Words: Alastair James; pictures: Netflix

Bridgerton's Jonathan Bailey has discussed the show's steamy sex scenes, which he says have come with some "hilarious moments". 

The 33-year-old actor takes on the lead role in the upcoming second series of the hit Netflix show, which will see Jonathan's Viscount Anthony Bridgerton try and find a suitable partner.

If the trailer is anything to go by, that won't be such a straightforward task for the young former rake. 

"We have some hilarious moments"

Speaking to Radio Times ahead of Bridgerton season two's release on 25 March, Jonathan said that the sex and dancing scenes are "the heart of the show," but that they were two things he struggled with. 

"It’s amazing how that whole industry has just come on, even in a year," he told the magazine about the show's use of an intimacy coordinator. "There are new tricks to the trade – little cushions – and it’s amazing what you can do with a half-inflated netball," he continued. 

"If there are two people doing a sex scene, the rule is they must have three barriers separating them and there are certain acts where a half-inflated netball can allow for movement without having to connect physically.

"It’s pretty silly really and we have some hilarious moments, but it makes it less awkward," he continues.

The trailer for the show sees Bailey's Viscount caught between two sisters - Kate and Edwina Sharma - and the results are sure to be dramatic, to say the least. 

We also get a look at a few scenes that are sure to have fans glued to the screens, including one where the Viscount has a rather unfortunate accident and falls into a lake before recreating the infamous scene of Colin Firth from the BBC's Pride and Prejudice emerging from a similar incident.

Discussing the love triangle previously with Entertainment Weekly, Jonathan said: "It's dangerous when it's siblings. It's bestial between them in a way season 1 wasn't. They're all animals with each other."

On his character's relationship to the older Sharma sister, Kate, he said "they can hit each other's buttons within a second, and it's something that's instinctive. Their sense of self they project to other people, they can't do that [with one another]; they're naked in front of each other."

"Edwina and Kate are the embodiment of his approaches to love — one is head, one is heart," Bailey told EW. "The push and pull [illustrates] how intense it is to fall in love in a society that is so rigid, where the gender roles are so specific, and how much those roles can be completely counterproductive to happiness, progression, and to love."

Bridgerton season 2 will begin streaming on Netflix on 25 March. 

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