Can you guess the average age gay men get married at?

Even though same-sex marriage is legal in both the U.S. and the UK, it seems as though not every gay man is ready to tie the knot. While most of us expect to get married in our 30s, it turns out most LGBT+ men like to wait a little longer to make that big commitment. New research has discovered that the average age for gay men to tie the knot is around 46-years-old. It's a big different compared to LGBT+ women, who tend to pop the question around a decade earlier at 36-years-old. For those that do choose to get engaged, it turns out there's even a difference in what LGBT+ men and women spend on their rings. While men on average shell out around $2,000, women go a step further and put down over $3,000. Turns out us gay men love to pinch the pennies. Are you waiting until your 40s to get married? Or will you buck the trend and tie yourself down in your 30s? Let us know on social media.