Cher stars in UGG's 'Feel' Campaign

The 'Believe' singer has helped cause a 1,280 percent spike in demand for UGG shoes.


Words: Joseph Kocharian; pictures: UGG/Neil Favila

We love the Twitter account @cherdoingthings, and we also love Cher doing things in real life, and to kick off 2022, Cher is causing a frenzy for the Southern Californian brand, UGG, simply by starring in their Feel campaign.

Photographed and filmed in her Malibu home by photographer Neil Favila and directed by Kauai Moliterno and Michael Barth, the musical icon wears two of UGG's most iconic shapes, including the Classic Mini and the Coquette, and does so flawlessly.

During the film, the Academy Award, Grammy, Emmy, and Golden Globe winner is seen watching some of her favourite movies with her cat Mala, chatting with her mother on the phone, and even fitting in a bit of mediation, all in her trusty UGGs.

Cher says: "I’ve spent a lifetime of people either hating me or loving me. I mean, you want to be loved, but finally, it’s like 'f**** it.' " 

Variety reported on Wednesday 5 January that since the campaign dropped, it had caused a 1,280 percent spike in demand for UGG. We can all agree, to paraphrase Shawn Mendes, it’s giving us…iconic.

Watch the short film below: