Colton Underwood gets advice from Gus Kenworthy and Michael Sam in Coming Out Colton trailer

Coming Out Colton will land on Netflix on 3 December.


Words: Alastair James; pictures: YouTube/Netflix

Colton Underwood reveals that he thought he would take the secret of being gay to his grave in the new trailer for his documentary series, Coming Out Colton.

The series lands on Netflix on Friday (3 December) and will document the Bachelor star’s journey to coming out as a gay man.

The former pro-US footballer came out publicly in April in an interview with Good Morning America where he said: "I’ve run from myself for a long time and I’ve hated myself for a long time, and I'm gay"

"I thought I was going to die with this secret"

Early on in the trailer Colton can be seen and heard saying "I didn’t want to be gay" but was telling himself he’ll get through it.

He’s then seen telling Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy (originally painted as being a 'gay guide' on the show), "I thought I was going to die with this secret."

"The reason I’m coming out is because I’m ashamed and I’m sort of mortified of what got me to this position in the first place," Colton explains in a talking head segment.

Colton is then seen in a car looking apprehensive, likely on his way to the GMA interview. Elsewhere in the trailer, he’s seen with Gus in the same outfit he wore during the interview. He was also reportedly seen with Gus and his dad in New York around the time he came out.

The show will also address the controversy around his former girlfriend, Cassie Randolph, who placed a restraining order on him in 2020 after alleging Colton had stalked and harassed her. The restraining order was later dropped.

Colton is told the best thing he can do is "face up to what you’ve done and find out who the hell you are." He’s also told what he did was "bullshit" and that he "went off the rails".

In another key moment, Colton discusses with Gus his anxiety around coming out to his dad before we see the moment itself where Colton explains, "I’ve backed myself into a corner running from who I am," before stating "I'm gay."

The show will also look at how Gus reconciles being gay and a footballer with discussions with other players and people in the sport, which is a sport famed for its ideas of masculinity.

"Everybody’s coming out stories are different and I’m grateful to be able to add my story to the conversation," Colton says towards the end of the trailer.

A final clip sees Gus joke with Colton that, "If you’re really worried about what other people are going to say then reconsider these jeans," pointing at the latter’s tatty jeans.

Coming Out Colton is on Netflix on Friday 3 December. Watch the trailer below:

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