Drag Race fans debate what RuPaul's pixelated 'nastiest-ever hand gesture' was

"It means I love you!" according to Ru.


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: WoW

RuPaul's blurred out hand gesture to Utica on the last episode of RuPaul's Drag Race looks set to become one of the big mysteries of the season.

Ru initially gave Utica the middle finger when, during a comedy roast, the contestant referenced rumours Ru wears sweatpants and pyjamas behind the judging desk, saying: "You're such a fashion icon, if you could stand up for us please."

Later - despite her comedy set bombing - the host positively critiqued Utica's runway look. The queen made another attept at a joke, saying: "I wish I could say the same for you".

To this, RuPaul once again gave the middle finger and said "F*** you".

"I gave you this one too"

Utica took the burn in her stride, saying: "If I'm going to take anything from this competition, it's that I got two sets of middle fingers from you!"

"And I gave you this too - this is the nastiest hand gesture ever," replied Ru, as she moved her pixelated wrists around in an elaborate fashion.

"It means I love you!" she added.

On Reddit, with one viewer speculated: "I think it was holding a fist up and running the hand up and down as if fisting."

"I thought the blurred gesture was jacking off one of the middle fingers but fisting makes more sense," added another.

On Twitter, one fan suggested Ru gestured masturbation, meaning "w****r" in the UK.

"After much consideration and looking up hand gestures, I believe it’s this one," they said. "I personally don’t find it that offensive but the motion from what I could see seems right. Also they just filmed drag race UK so I feel like maybe Ru picked it up there?"

Fisting again came up, with a Twitter user saying: "OK y'all....was this a fisting gesture? I am shocked to be unfamiliar with whatever gesture RuPaul is saying is so foul."

Another simply said: "@RuPaul you have my teenagers Googling “the worst hand gesture possible”! #TheMoreYouKnow #SundayMorningLearning."

The episode comes just weeks after an X-rated joke of A'Whora's was bleeped out on the UK version of the show - although fans eventually got the (ahem) bottom of that one.

Attitude has approached World of Wonder, creators of RPDR, for comment.