Drag Race UK's The Vivienne blasts 'fake' Divina de Campo as she publicly cuts ties with co-star

"Constantly discrediting my win. GROW UP."


RuPaul's Drag Race winner The Vivienne has publicly cut ties with Divinia de Campo, saying she has no time for "fake friendships".

The Liverpudlian drag queen, who beat de Campo to be crowned the winner of the first ever UK edition of Drag Race last year, put her former co-star on blast on Twitter on Wednesday (12 February) after de Campo appeared to brand her "cut-throat" in a new interview.

Asked by QX magazine whether she was surprised she didn't win the series, Divina had replied: "Honestly? No. I don’t think I fit the model that RuPaul likes. He likes people who are cut-throat and will smash your kneecaps in, in order to win – that’s not me."

The 'A Drag Race Song' singer went on: "I want everybody to do well. And I just want to be better…than they are. I want it to be fair, and I will help people. I helped everybody in that room. I will do things for them because I want people to be the best they can be.

"So I’m not someone who would go after everyone else to win. And, you know, it just means they want more from me [laughs]."

The comments did not go down well with The Vivienne, who quoted Divina as she shared the interview on Twitter, writing: "Smash your knee caps in, in order to win. I won that show Fair and Square. Constantly discrediting my win. GROW UP." 

The Vivienne, who divided viewers with the forthright opinions during her time on Drag Race, added in a spearate tweet: Weight lifted. I’ve never entertained fake friendships in my life. Not going to start now.

"Sorry it was public, but had to get it off my chest".

After a fan came to Divina's defence, The Vivienne replied: "This is one of MANY times. Don’t get involved in what you know nothing of", before later 'liking' a tweet from a fan who branded Divina "fake AF [as f**k]".


Well, at least given The Vivienne's status as a Drace Race champion, the pair won't have to appear on a future series of All Stars together (alothough we're sure there are plenty who would like to see that particular reunion...)