Five ways to add a personal touch to your wedding day

In partnership with Cancer Research UK.


Pictures: Pixabay and Cancer Research UK

We're loving having weddings back again. After the end of lockdown restrictions putting limits on such celebrations, it's great to see people celebrating their love as they had hoped to. We've definitely noticed more wedding snaps appearing on our Insta feeds!

And weddings are big days. We think that's safe to say... But they usually come with a hefty amount of planning and organisation as couples try to make their wedding special to them. For those who are planning their big day, it can be hard to find ways to make a wedding personal.

So, we've come up with a few ideas and ways to add that personal touch to your own celebrations.

1) Become everybody's favour-ite 

A wedding favour is a meaningful way of thanking your wedding guests for coming to celebrate your big day with you. It really doesn't have to be much, and in fact, it's best to keep this kind of thing understated.

Cancer Research UK's pink gem wedding favour is a great example. Making use of the well-known symbol of cancer awareness this silver ribbon pin feature a dainty pink gem on one tail meaning it doesn't detract from a wedding theme or anyone's outfit. We wouldn't want that now, would we?!

2) Wedding stationary

If you're going to have a theme, it's got to be consistent. Why not start with your save the date, wedding invites as well as menus, signage, and alike? Having personalised stationary creates a sense of coherence from the engagement to the big day and your guests are more likely to hold onto something that's beautifully crafted and sent with thought and love.

Designs could feature anything from colour themes to designs inspired by nature and local flora and fauna. 

3) Put people in their place

Following on from stationary, placeholders can be a God-send. Weddings often involve a lot of people and things can get... a little confusing, especially when you add in a little tipple for the guests! So providing people with an indication of where they're sat makes life easier for everyone.

Kraft place cards as sold by Cancer Research UK can be a subtle but trendy addition to tables. They can also serve as a handy conversation starter for your guests. You never know who might meet and if you could be going to their wedding one day soon!

4) Let's dance

The first dance is a time honoured tradition for many. It's a chance to show off your love as a couple in front of your gathered friends and family. While love songs and ballads are usually the way to go, and if you don't fancy a highly choreographed "impromptu" dance number (don't rule it out!) why not choose a more upbeat crowd-pleaser you can get a live band to play?

Start the song off in a slower, more traditional first dance tempo before turning things up to a bouncy beat that everyone can join in on and that gets the crowd on their feet. 

5) Forget-me-nots

Weddings are special days to remember, and a time to remember those you've lost. In that vein, sharing forget-me-not seeds are an ideal option for guests to take something special away from your wedding day.

You and they can plant them to remember loved ones. Cancer Research UK sells packs that are 100 percent natural, degradable and sustainable as well, which is a nice way of also doing some good for the planet.