How pine pollen increases testosterone

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Pollen is a grainy and powdery matter produced by trees, flowering plants, and grasses, which is responsible for the plant’s reproduction.

As such, it is also present in a wide variety of pine trees such as Masson’s pine, Chinese red pine, and Scots pine to name a few.

Over the recent couple of years, several supplements encompassed pine pollen in their composition because of its several benefits to the human body, including an improved testosterone level for men.


Pine pollen contains phyto-testosterone, which is a compound that can directly provide testosterone to the body’s endocrine system.

With this direct connection, pine pollen increases testosterone rather quite rapidly compared to other supplements.

But since pine pollen is all natural, a consumer of this supplement is guaranteed that the results are produced in a safer and more sustainable manner.


DHEA is known to cause a relatively high level of energy, low obesity, heightened libido, as well as enhanced cognition.

Pine pollen contains this element, which in turn slows down aging. As men are known to have a lower testosterone level as they age, DHEA becomes significant because it can circumvent this effect, maintaining a healthy energy level and an overall well-being.


Pine pollen also contains polysaccharides which are essential sugars that help improve the body’s immune system.

With a stronger immune system, the body has a lower risk of acquiring ailments and diseases.

In addition to this, the body is able to perform at its best, which means that even the testosterone levels are at its optimum, regardless of a man’s age.


Arginine is the amino acid that helps regulate a person’s blood flow. Fortunately, this compound is also present in pine pollen.

As such, arginine realty helps men with erectile dysfunction problems because it increases the blood flow even to the penis.

Additionally, this amino acid also helps to improve the quality of the sperm and increase its count, thereby enhancing a man’s fertility.

It is also known to boost the growth hormone, as well as testosterone.


Pine pollen is rich in gibberellins, which has anti-inflammatory benefits.

It supports the development of strong muscles and maintains its mass, which is also an effect of an optimum testosterone level.

With its anti-inflammatory benefits, it is also known to improve the blood circulation, helping a man maintain his erection.

In addition to this, gibberellins also regulate the size of the prostate, such that when it is too large, this plant hormone will shrink it, and conversely, when the prostate is too small, gibberellins will increase its size.

Aside from boosting the testosterone level in men, pine pollen indeed has several benefits such as slowing the aging process, reducing fatigue, as well as treating conditions such as colds, constipation, and prostate disease.

While some of these benefits are considered anecdotal, it cannot be denied that more and more people are supplementing their diet with pine pollen consumables, particularly men who intend to maintain their muscle mass, as well as their testosterone level.