Husbands who now live as a 'throuple' with girlfriend open up about their unusual marriage

Chris and Matt had been together for six years when Chris asked to open up the relationship.


In 2017, the understanding of polyamorous relationships seems to be greater than ever, and now one married same-sex couple has revealed how their relationship has changed since they decided to invite a woman into their lives permanently.

Chris and Matt had been together for six years when Chris asked to open up the relationship. While initially wary, Matt agreed, and it wasn't long before Chris met Kate, who soon became the girlfriend of both men.

The trio now live as a 'throuple' and say they enjoy a healthy sex life together - even though Matt had never had been with a woman.

Explaining the unusual set-up to BarcroftTV, Chris says: "Matt had never had any experience with women before he met me. Before I met Matt I'd dated quite a few girls, I'd say there was a pretty even balance.

"One night we came back home and it kind of opened Matt's eyes in saying 'hey, this actually kid of enjoyable'".

Kate, who was in a monogamous relationship before meeting the married pair, adds: "I'd say we have a pretty fun sex life."

While Chris and Kate identify as bisexual, Matt says he identifies as 'homoflexible', meaning that he is romantically interested in men but is open to sexual experiences with women.

"I like guys, I'm open to women. I prefer men. I guess I had an awakening after I had a sexual experience with a woman," he says. "It's just another body, it's a soul, it's a connection I can have."

Despite their current happiness, both Matt and Kate say they initially struggled to get to grips with the three-way set-up, and that they both found themselves vying for Chris's attention.

"When Chris and I first got together, I was struggling with he jealousy, with having a very strong connection with Chris, and sometimes feeling frustrated that I would have to split time with Matt," Kate recalls.

"With that came a lot of insecurity."

Matt adds: "There was a struggle even for me. The insecure part of me is that 'Oh, Chris love me more because he's been with me longer', but when he told me 'I love you just as much as I love Kate', I was like 'Oh my God, I need to come to terms with that."

While the throuple's relationship dynamic might have taken some adjusting to, Chris, Kate and Matt have now lived happily together in their shared one-bedroom apartment for two years, and say that starting a family as a group is definitely on the cards.

"I think any child would be lucky to have three parents," Matt says.