It's A Sin fans are shocked after the Aids drama was 'snubbed' at the BAFTA TV Awards

The show had six nominations at the 2022 Virgin Media BAFTA Awards, but failed to take home any awards.


Words: Alastair James; pictures: Channel4/HBO

Fans of the HIV/Aids drama, It's A Sin have said the show was "subbed" after it walked away from last night's BAFTA TV Awards empty-handed.

The Channel 4 smash success was up for six awards including best Mini-series and acting nods for its stars Olly Alexander, Lydia West, Callum Scott Howells, Omari Douglas, and David Carlyle.

Colin's (Callum Scott Howells) HIV diagnosis scene was also up for the Must-See Moment BAFTA, which was voted for by the public.


Reacting to the show's lack of success at the awards (its worth nothing the show did win BAFTAs for director editing at the BAFTA TV Craft Awards in April) one person said on Twitter: "It’s A Sin snubbed at the #Baftas2022"

Another person said it was "shocking" given how the show about a group of friends in 1980s London during the Aids crisis had "represented so many wonderful things: found family, love, inclusivity, community, strength, hope, in a truly devastating period of history".

Someone else wrote: "The fact it was overlooked at the #BAFTAS really is unbelievable"

Speaking to Attitude on the red carpet before the ceremony, Tracy Ann Oberman, who starred in the series, said it had been a special project to be a part of. 

"I think that was so brilliant was it showed the beauty of the community, the fun, the love, and the joy of being able to be out and proud in the 80s in London."

She also said it highlighted an important period of history, especially for younger LGBTQ people including those in the cast.

"That was the shocker - to be on set with Omari [Douglas] and Olly [Alexander] and all of them were so shocked at what it was like but those of us who are older remember what it was like and it was nice to have it honoured," she added.

David Carlyle, who was up for Supporting Actor at the awards alongside Omari and Callum, told Attitude he was caught by surprise at the continued impact the show is having. 

"Russell T. Davies texted us and said 'I've done Doctor Who and Queer as Folk and I've never experienced anything like this'. I go about my day forgetting I'm in It's A Sin and them somebody stops me and reminds me. It's a really joy," the actor said.

Lydia West, who portrayed Jill in the series, said the show's legacy is what makes it so special. 

"People can watch it for years to come and be educated and be informed and also just really remember what happened. It feels amazing to be a part of."

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