Jack Falahee live-tweets an upcoming 'HTGAWM' naked scene

If you’ve ever been slightly curious about what it’s like filming a gay sex scene, Jack Falahee may be just the man to answer all those probing questions. The 26-year-old star of How To Get Away With Murder announced to fans across last Friday he was preparing to film a gay sex scene for the hit ABC show, and would document the experience across social media, reports Towleroad. The amusing succession of tweets began when the actor, who plays Connor Walsh on the series, was required to don “a cock sock” while all four of his grandparents were still alive. Moments later, Falahee revealed there was an unprecedented amount of preparation that went into putting together a steamy scene, which involved make up, baby oil, tattoo cover up, and shaving his chest. “The amount of make up and baby oil to do a naked scene.. I did not wake up like this,” he wrote.

Tattoo cover up for my nude scene.

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Not to mention the strong level of mental preparation for performing starkers in front of a production crew. “I just want people to know that men also can feel this way about their bodies. #insecure #masculinity #bodypositive,” he tweeted. After the cameras stopped rolling, Falahee revealed he had hopped into a range of binge foods to wind down. “FYI I ate 3 slices of pizza, half a box of Girl Scout cookies, 3 meatballs and a bunch of burrata after my shirtless scene,” he added. While we wait for the scene to air in the next series of How To Get Away With Murder, here's a taster of what we've got to look forward to... anigif_enhanced-1064-1414629177-6 how-to-get-away-with-murder2x03--21 connor prep_htgawm jack-falahee-connor-walsh-shirtless-mister-scandal tumblr_ndkhxfmmUS1r6vy8ho9_250 More stories: ‘What I’ve learned dating HIV-positive guys’ Watch | YouTube star Calum McSwiggan apologises for bareback porn past