Keiynan Lonsdale makes himself a new man in My Fake Boyfriend trailer

The film sees Andrew and friends create the 'perfect' boyfriend, but things don't go to plan.


Words: Alastair James; pictures: Prime Video

Keiynan Lonsdale is making himself a new beau in the trailer for the film, My Fake Boyfriend. And it doesn't look like it'll go completely to plan.

The upcoming comedy from Amazon Prime Video sees the Love, Simon actor play Andrew as he tries to move on after being dumped by his toxic lover, Nico.

"Maybe I'm making too big of a deal out of this whole monogamous thing?" Andrew says later adding, "It's really hard to just let him go." 

Enter Andrew's friends, Jake and Kelly (played by Dylan Sprouse and Sarah Hyland), who create 'Cristiano', the 'perfect' albeit completely fake boyfriend using some deep fake-style technology.

However, things are complicated as Andrew meets Rafi, a charming restaurant owner while Cristiano, put on by Sprouse, goes viral on social media. 

All the while, the now jealous Nico lingers in the background.

"I own that man" Nico menaces while being quite literally tied up with another man.

Things with Cristiano seem to be getting out of hand as he surpasses a million followers, causing some friction between Jake and Kelly, with the latter urging Jake to let the fictional Cristiano go.

"He's real to me!" Jake exclaims. 

My Fake Boyfriend will be available on Prime Video on 17 June.

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