Lewis Hamilton wins praise for wearing rainbow helmet during Saudi Arabia Grand Prix victory

Hamilton has previously worn the rainbow helmet during his victory at the Qatar Grand Prix in November.


Words: Alastair James; pictures: Twitter/@lewisHamilton and @F1

The British Formula One driver, Lewis Hamilton, has been praised for showing solidarity with the LGBTQ community as he won the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix over the weekend.

The most successful driver in Formula One's history wore his rainbow emblazoned helmet at he came first in the race on Sunday (5 December), beating his rival Max Verstappen. Hamilton also wore the helmet at November's Grand Prix in Qatar, which he also won. 

Before the event, Hamilton had also spoken out against Saudi Arabia's record on LGBTQ rights saying, "I believe everyone should have equal rights, freedom of speech, freedom of movement". 

"Bold and fearless"

Reacting after Hamilton's win in Saudi Arabia, footballing commentator, Gary Lineker, tweeted about the "outstanding performance and victory," adding, "Great to see him [Hamilton] wearing his rainbow helmet."

Another Twitter user called Hamilton "bold and fearless", while another said the victory in a country like Saudi Arabia was "a huge statement". 

Another person said: "that Pride helmet means a lot to me and a lot of other people. Thanks my guy"

Same-sex relations are criminalised in the Middle-Eastern country, with punishments including imprisonment and floggings. Gay marriage is all illegal and there are frew protections when it comes to LGBTQ discrimination. 

The Grand Prix Championship will be decided next Saturday in Abu Dhabi. 

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