Macklemore drops his clothes for new video 'How to Play the Flute'

The rapper then posted the full image onto his Instagram account


Macklemore strips down for his new video ‘How to Play the Flute’.

The rapper – whose real name is Ben Haggerty – drops all his clothes to pose for a ‘real life’ painting in the video to his new song and quite frankly, we love it.

With the title of the song ‘How to Play the Flute’, the dirty mind in all of us was going while about the connotations that the flute could mean.

And Macklemore doesn’t help after directly pointing down to his… area throughout the video.

But obviously the best scene was the short shots of him posing naked. Sadly, the part we want to see is blurred out.

But we can hope that a full, un-blurred shot will be released in due time.

Following on from the release of the video, Macklemore – who is clearly not afraid to get naked – posted a full nude picture – albeit still blurry – onto his Instagram account.

He captioned the image: “If you can’t get naked on a beach with an axe and ask one of your homies to take a picture of you on their Android phone, are you really living your best life? How to play the flute video out now.”

Look out for the nude scene (roughly around the 2.51 mark) in the video below: