More than 100 people complained about gay kiss on 'Casualty'

They complained that the kiss was 'offensive' despite being aired after the 9pm watershed


Words: Steve Brown

More than 100 people complained about a gay kiss on Casualty.

Over the last couple of months, fans have seen Marty Kirkby (Shaheen Jafargholi) explore his sexuality in the BBC hospital drama.

And last month, the show – which airs after the 9pm watershed – aired a same-sex kiss between Marty and his boyfriend as they began exploring a new romance.

Although aired after the watershed – which is understandably due to the frequent scenes of gore and injury – it wasn’t enough for the 111 bigots out there.

The BBC complaints statistic confirmed that around 111 people found the kiss to be ‘offensive’ and how it shouldn’t be shown on screen.

Casualty isn’t the only show to face backlash from bigots after Strictly Come Dancing aired a powerful same-sex dance routine between Johannes Radebe and Graziano Di Prima.

Nearly 200 complaints were made to the BBC following the amazing dance routine.