NFL player Carl Nassib has a new boyfriend: 'I met an awesome guy'

"He's the best"


Words: Brian Leonard; picture: Instagram/@CarlNassib

NFL player Carl Nassib has revealed he is dating a "really awesome guy."

The sports star made headlines when he came out publicly as gay in June, saying in an Instagram video: "I'm a pretty private person so I hope you guys know I'm not doing this for attention.

"I just think representation and visibility are so important."

However, the defensive end made no mention of a special someone.

"Someone's number one priority"

Now the situation's changed.

Speaking on a recent episode of teammate Darren Waller's Comeback Stories podcast, the 28-year-old Las Vegas Raiders player said he had wanted to "be someone’s number one priority.”

“And I couldn’t have that," he explained. "So that was the one thing, I was like ‘man I really f*cking want that.' But I got that now, so it’s good.”

Asked for more information, the star said: "Oh I met an awesome guy, and he's the best." (As per Out).

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Fans are speculating about the man's identity, with many surmising that Erik Gudzinas, who has shared a series of photos of he and Carl of late, is the mystery man.

In fact, it's looking pretty likely: Carl recently shared one of Erik's photos of the pair of them along with a smiley face to his own Instagram Stories.

New power couple alert!

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