Out gay footballer Josh Cavallo responds to LGB Alliance with defiant tweet

The 21-year-old sports star has made his feelings crystal clear.


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Wiki

Josh Cavallo has shown solidarity with the trans community in a defiant message to the LGB Alliance.

The Australian became the world's only out gay top-level footballer last month when he came out publicly, making headlines in the process.

The 21-year-old caught the eye of the Alliance - which was founded in 2019 purportedly to "advance the interests of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals" - who tweeted the star on 27 October.


"We applaud the courage [email protected] hope he inspires others," a group rep said. "Here's to a time when society as a whole can look back and wonder why anyone felt the need to hide who they love."

Responding to the tweet yesterday, Cavallo simply said: "#lgbwiththet."

On its website, the Alliance state they oppose trans women being admitted "into lesbian spaces" as well as trans men being admitted "into gay men's spaces".

They have been denounced as a transphobic hate group by bodies including Pride in London and figures including Labour MPs Angela Raynor, Dawn Butler and Rebecca Long-Bailey. The group first applied for charitable status in March 2020, prompting more than 36,000 to sign a petition urging The Charity Commission to reject the application. 

In his coming out video last month, Cavallo said: "Growing up I always felt the need to hide myself because I was ashamed - ashamed I would never be able to do what I love and be gay.

"Hiding who I truly am to pursue a dream I always wished for as a kid."

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