Patricia Quinn brands Drag Race 'tasteless' in new statement slamming Aiden Zhane's Snatch Game

'Rocky Horror' star Quinn took offence to Zhane's characterisation of her as a "washed up actress who has taken too many drugs".


Rocky Horror actor Patricia Quinn made her feelings about Drag Race contestant Aiden Zhane's unflattering impersonation of her known earlier this week when she commented that she was "disgusted" by the queen's Snatch Game performance.

Now, releasing a statement via celebrity PR and management agency Gregor Gee International, she has slammed not only Zhane, but the show itself – calling it "tasteless" for its depiction of her and for allowing disgraced contestant Sherry Pie's decision to "make fun of Katherine [sic] Hepburn's neurological disorder".

Zhane's portrayal of Quinn hinged on the idea that the Norther Irish actor's memory was adled due to drug misuse, but in the statement, Quinn says: "I have never been interested in drugs, and with regards to my memory, I was recently applauded onstage for my sharp recollections of filming the Rocky Horror Picture Show."

The 75-year-old screen star – who holds the title Lady Stephens after marrying the late actor Sir Robert Stephens – said she was "flattered that a young person wanted to portray me on a popular TV show but unfortunately this is where the flattery ends".

She continues: "I did not respect being depicted as a washed up actress who has taken too many drugs.

"I am actually filming a new movie later this year and look forward to that and there will be no drugs on set! Well not from me anyway!"

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“I will NOT leave this competition being the quiet bitch. & on that note AAaAAhHHhhh!!!!!!!” tried to show off a campy side to myself with this look 100% focusing in on the cartoon side of my drag. Not something I’d usually wear but I’m giving you my version of the Abominable Snowmonster from the 1964 claymation “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer” obviously also inspired by one of my favorite drag race queens @manilaluzon & her big bird dress that we all know & love. Hair by @shontellesparkles

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Quinn says she'd have liked Zhane – who claimed to have spent time with her in the past – to have given her a heads up, and suggests she would've offered "a few lines etc to say on the show" if she had done so.

The statement also adds that Quinn does not wish Zhane the "upset or distress that [Quinn has] felt in the past few days", and thanks Rocky Horror fans for their "overwhelming support".

Zhane, who was eliminated from the show in the latest episode, has remained fairly quiet since it aired and is yet to comment on the situation.

Read Quinn's statement in full below.