Queer Eye's Antoni strips off for 'American Psycho' Netflix parody - WATCH

The Fab Five's resident foodie is a snack alright.


Words: Will Stroude

Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski might know how make mean guacamole, but the Fab Five's resident food expert is serving up something else entirely in a suprise new Netflix short film.

Antoni, 34, appears in Don't Watch This, a collection of horror-themed shorts released just in time for Halloween - and let's just say the costume budget doesn't exactly looked stretched.

The episode, entitled 'Antoni Psycho', sees the former Attitude cover star channel his inner Christian Bale in a parody of 2000's horror thriller American Psycho as he dons a pair of tiny white briefs and goes about his daily exercise and skincare routine.

"I don't care whether they like my food or not - they'll eat it if they know what's good for them", the newly-single makeover expert declares.

Antoni, we think we speak on behalf of gay men everywhere when we say we're ready for a slice.

All five parts of Don't Watch This are available to stream on Netflix now. Check out the trailer for 'Antoni Psycho' below: