These five guys as The Muses from 'Hercules' will take you to Disney heaven

Cast them in the live action remake, you cowards!


Ever since it was reported last month that a live action remake of Disney's Hercules was in the works, fans have been scrambling to suggest which stars could be cast as the legendary animated icons that are The Muses.

While the likes of Beyoncé and Lizzo have been suggested as singers fit to be the 1997 film's sassy, soulful narrators, a group of five gay men may have now staked their claim after recreating The Muses' memorable performances in epic fashion.

In a video from producer Michael Korte, known for fusing the worlds of Broadway, pop and gospel, five guys have delivered captivating renditions of hits from the soundtrack including 'The Gospel Truth', 'Zero to Hero' and 'A Star Is Born'.

The guys in question are LaVance Colley, Keenan D. Washington, James Wright Chanel, Tre 'Rebel' Edwards and Cameron Wright, and the results of their efforts have been viewed over two million times on YouTube since being released last September.

Speaking to Attitude about the video's success, Korte says: "There were rumblings a year ago that they might be bringing Hercules to the stage [on] Broadway or back to the screen and the moment I heard this I knew we had to take on Hercules!

"The music is the heartbeat of the film and the muses undoubtedly fuel that heartbeat with spirit and soul. Swapping genders of famous characters is something I love to do on my YouTube channel.

He adds: "Myself, my creative partners and our five male muses did not anticipate this overwhelmingly joyful response to our medley.

"To see our piece of content bring joy to Disney fans, Gospel music fans and so many members of the LGBT community has been priceless."

Watch the 'Hercules Muses Medley' below - and Disney, if you're watching, you better make this happen: