This picture of Leslie Jordan in 1980 has left the whole internet thirsty

We'd have happily let the Will & Grace star ruin our life 40 years ago.


Words: Will Stroude; Image: Instagram @thelesliejordan

Ever since Leslie Jordan's iconic updates from lockdown back in March 2020, the Will & Grace star's Instagram has consistently provided much-needed moments of zany joy and escapism during these trying global times.

What the 66-year-old actor's 5.6 followers weren't expecting, perhaps, was for the star's feed to become a home for a vintage thirst-trap that has left the internet clamouring for a slice of 20-something Leslie. 

Jordan, who was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee before moving to Los Angeles in the 1980s and forging a stage and screen career, surprised fans on Sunday (19 September) when he shared a throwback shot of himself from 1980, when he would have been aged 24-25.

Featuring a shirtless Leslie leaning against a convertible car while sporting a moustache, washboard abs and pleasingly furry torso, the time capsule snap quickly sent his followers - including plenty of the American Horror Story actor's celebrity friends - into a frenzy.

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Captioning the image, Leslie quipped: "I just called 1980 and told it I wanted my 6-pack back — except in those days I was drinking and I’m afraid they’ll think I want beer."

As the post racked up almost half a million likes - including endorsements from Luke Evans, Dustin Lance Black and Billy Eichner - Ma and The Witches star Octavia Spencer was quick to reply in the comments, writing: "If they call u back text me. There are things I want, too". 

Meanwhile, country music singer Natalie Hemby added (correctly): "Get that chest hair back too".

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna opted for a simple "Hottie", while RuPaul's Drag Race judge Carson Kressley correctly labelled the TV veteran a "stud". 

Sharon Osbourne declared herself "obsessed", while country music singer Randy Houser didn't mince his words as he expressed what many were no doubt thinking: "I bet you were slaying the D!"

It wasn't just Jordan's Instagram comments that were filled with a bit of retro-styled thirst: Twitter was also quick to react.

"I have not known peace since Leslie Jordan posted that pic of himself from 1980", wrote user @nervousemoji.

@perpetualsweat added: "hello i just think you should look at this photo of Leslie Jordan in 1980".

Look (respectfully) we shall. And Leslie, if you're still thumbing through the old photo albums, we're more than happy for this trip down memory lane to continue...