Tom Daley has been drawn nude by legendary gay artist David Hockney

A naked portrait of the Olympic diver is hanging out in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


We've long said that Tom Daley's body is a work of art, and now the Olympic diving star's physique has been immortalised the form of a racy new drawing by David Hockney.

Tom, 24, posed nude for the legendary gay artist last August, and almost a year later the charcoal drawing is proudly hanging out on the walls of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The newly-unveiled artwork sees Tom sitting on a chair completely naked, with just a carefully placed hand protecting his modesty.

The current 10m platform World Champion shared a picture of himself standing next to the drawing mimicking the pose on Instagram on Sunday (July 22), as a well as a separate YouTube video documenting his first visit to see the piece with mum Debbie, husband Dustin Lance Black, and the couple's three week-old son Robbie.

"My mum has just seen me naked - that's, like, a ball!" Tom exclaims as the family view the artwork for the first time.

Oscar-winner Dustin jokes to Debbie: "You've seen those before haven't you?", prompting her to reply: "Quite a few times. Probably more times than you Lance."

And just how did Dustin feel about having his husband strip off in front of another man for a live nude drawing.

"This is a warning shot to you David Hockney: You back off my man!" the Milk screenwriter jokes. "Or maybe next time have him spread his fingers a bit more."

Dustin, we're right there with you. Check out Tom's video of the day below: