Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea football clubs call out 'disgraceful' homophobic chanting

The clubs released statements after a game between the two sides on Wednesday 5 January.


Words: Alastair James; pictures: Pexels 

Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea football clubs have released statements expressing their disappointment after homophobic chanting was heard at a game between the two teams on Wednesday (5 January) night. 

It's understood that chanting from a section of Tottenham fans aimed at Chelsea players was heard during the game at Stamford Bridge, which resulted in a 2-0 win for Chelsea in the Carabao Cup semi-final.

Sadly, it's not the first time there has been homophobic chanting at games involving Chelsea players, with one recent incident taking place in December 2021. 

"It’s disgraceful"

A statement from Tottenham reads: "The Club is extremely disappointed by homophobic chanting from sections of our support at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday night.

"We work closely with our LGBTQ+ fan group Proud Lilywhites to create a welcoming and inclusive environment at our Club and are proud to display the Progress Flag in our stadium on matchday," it continues. 

"No one should suffer discrimination because of their sexual orientation and/or their gender identity, and we urge supporters not to use this chant."

They go on to say that any homophobic chanting should be reported by texting HPH and location details to 07537 404821 when at the home ground and to the nearest steward at away games. 

Finally, it says: "There is no place for discrimination at Tottenham Hotspur."

Chelsea adds in a statement given to The Athletic: "It’s disgraceful that discriminatory chants like this are still being heard in stadiums."

In December, Everton condemned similar offensive chanting again directed at Chelsea. 

Everton's LGBTQ supporters group, Rainbow Toffees, also condemned the chanting saying it had been informed of the 'Chelsea Rent Boy' chants, which appear to have been used in the game between Tottenham and Chelsea. 

Liverpool also called out the same chanting in August 2021.

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