Troye Sivan gets 'cheeks out on main' as futuristic 'You' video drops

Thigh-high leather boots and a thong? We're not *not* into it.


Words: Alastair James; picture: Instagram, @troyesivan 

Troye Sivan has ensured his latest music video has arrived with a bang after giving fans a candid look at his revealing costume.

The Aussie singer, 25, got his "cheeks out on main" on Instagram on Friday (28 May) as the visual for his new single 'You' with Regard and Tate McCrae dropped worldwide.

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Sharing a cheeky snap of himself in the thong, thigh-high boots and sheer bodysuit he donned for the video, Troye wrote: "Fine I’ll get the cheeks out on main."

Since being released last month, ‘You’ has gathered 50 million streams and is continuing to climb the charts globally. Regard is also sharing an official remix of the ‘80s-inspired anthem from fellow renowned DJ and producer, Topic.

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The moody, low-lit video explores the idea of ‘deep fakes’ – where images and likenesses can be superimposed onto another body. It has become a bigger and bigger technological issue in the last few years.

The video sees an over-obsessive fan hacking into Troye, Regard, and Tate’s emails, creating deep fakes of them and eventually becoming ‘You’.

Troye can be seen early on in the video with a jewel-encrusted face as he sings: "When I try to fall back I fall back to you / When I talk to my friends I talk about you / When the Hennessy’s strong all I see is you."

Troye Sivan in 'You'

Elsewhere, Tate McRae dances in front of a projection screen while her face eerily changes as the obsessive hacker works in the background. 

Courtney Phillips, the video’s director says: “We’ve all been in the position of falling into a social media rabbit hole and scrolling through other people's profiles, maybe even comparing our lives to those of others. This video is what happens when someone decides to take that to the next level, using deep fakes to get a digital taste of how it feels to become someone else”.

Don’t mind us, we’re off to go change our passwords!

Watch the video for Troye Sivan, Tate McCrae and Regard's 'You' below: