Troye Sivan makes graphic remarks about bottoming on Drag Race Down Under

Sacré bleu!


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: BBC

From A'Whora's joke about her Nan's "gaping hole" to Anita Wigl’it roasting Prince Andrew (not literally), the queens of the RuPaul's Drag Race franchise are not known for their restraint.

But arguably the most explicit remarks ever made on the show have arrived courtesy of a celebrity guest rather than a contestant.

Yep, it was Troye Sivan who turned the air blue (or should that be 'Bloom') on the latest episode of Drag Race Down Under, as the Australian singer appeared on the show with frequent songwriting partner Leland.

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"Raw dog"

"Troye and I have been writing songs together for years," Leland told the queens, who were tasked with a songwriting challenge, via video.

Former YouTuber Troye then explains, "we've written songs about everything from our youth," with Leland taking over, "to flowers..."

Troye then adds: "To getting f***** hard in the a** like a pig bottom, bareback bottom, raw dog bottom b****."

Pure poetry! (But please, people, consider using PrEP).

The 25-year-old was seemingly referencing his song 'Bloom', co-written by Leland. Taken from Troye's second album of the same name, it has been widely interpreted as about bottoming, with lyrics including: "I bloom just for you," and "take a trip into my garden, I've got so much to show you, the fountains and the waters re begging just to know you."

Back in 2018, Troye told Attitude of the song: “If anybody ever tries to say that I’m shoving anything in anyone’s face, I’m just doing the same thing that all of the straight pop stars are doing."

Of the album, he added: "This wasn’t me thinking to myself, “Oh, it’s time to grow up and have my ‘sexy phase’, or whatever. I just sort of started to become more comfortable with sharing. For me, the goal of the whole project is to be the representation for somebody else that I don’t feel I’ve necessarily had always. I would think that you would play these songs to any 22-year-old gay guy and they would be like, “Yeah, I get that, that’s where I’m at.”

H/T: Queerty.