Tyler Posey not 'ashamed' or 'sorry' about past nude leaks

Nor should he be!


Tyler Posey has said he's not 'ashamed' or 'sorry' about past explicit material being leaked online and honestly? Good for him.

Explicit footage of the former Teen Wolf star, 29, was first circulated online in 2017, and in a new interview the actor says he was put under pressure by management at the time to apologise for the leak. 

Posey, who started his own OnlyFans account last year and has since discussed his past sexual experiences with guys, was asked during an appearance on the Just for Variety podcast whether he had ever been pressured by management not to discuss his sexuality in public.

"There wasn’t anything too crazy that came up that would warrant that sort of response from them", replied Posey.

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"I did have some leaked footage of me online a little while ago. That was my fault, but it did show the world that I am this sexual — I don’t want to say deviant — but there’s a side of me that is definitely not on the surface of what you normally see."

Posey, whose most recent TV appearances include roles in Now Apocalypse and Scream: Resurrection, went on to explain that he -rightly - felt no shame for having the private material circulated.

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"So they did come at me for that a little bit, which is understandable. I had some stuff leaked online that probably isn’t favorable, but I didn’t release an apology about it and that made it easier for people to forget about."

He added: "I didn’t bring attention to it. They wanted me to. They definitely wanted me to say, 'Look, I’m sorry. I’m ashamed of myself', which I wasn’t, and I wasn’t sorry. I didn’t want to lie and say that.