White Lotus star Murray Bartlett on bombshell sex scene with Lukas Gage: 'We just played'

“I can’t wait for my a** to get retweeted all over the internet," says Murray's co-star.


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Murray Bartlett and Lukas Gage in White Lotus (HBO)

He's tackled sex scenes with gusto in TV shows like Looking and Tales of the City, but Australian actor Murray Bartlett has knocked it out of the park with his latest effort: a cliffhanger rim job with Lukas Gage on HBO's White Lotus.

In the episode, which aired in the US earlier this week, Murray's character Armond is caught in the act with Lukas's character Dillon - and Murray's face is a picture.

"Let's show something that is a natural part of sex for a lot of queer people"

Addressing the scene in an interview with Digital Spy, former Attitude cover star Murray said: "It felt right in terms of the shock value. And it felt great in terms of: 'Let's show something that is a natural part of sex for a lot of queer people.'"

"It serves the scene in such a great way," added the 50-year-old.

He also told Logo: “I didn’t have a lot of questions and I feel like [the director] didn’t really need to explain a lot of stuff. We just played."

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He added: "Honestly, we didn’t have a lot of conversations outside of just working on the scenes at the time. I think partly because it was just there; it was just written in the script. This character was fully realized and complicated and had all these aspects that I don’t think they needed explanation.”

Lukas, 26, meanwhile said in an interview with The A.V. Club: "I can’t wait for my ass to get retweeted all over the Internet."

He added: “I mean, how often do we see that on TV? I think it’s much more interesting and more jarring to walk in on.”

Then there's the below response to a fan's tweet about the scene, which pretty much sums up how he feels about it...

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