Will Young perfectly sums up what many gay men feel about being single

"Although I still find relationships hard due to past traumas, I’m at peace with my sexuality," adds star


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Island

Will Young has opened up about being single in his 40s, calling the experience "liberating."

The 'Daniel' singer shot to fame 20 years ago on TV show Pop Idol, coming out publicly as gay shortly after winning.

Two decades on, Will says he doesn't want to be in a relationship - something he used to feel "ashamed" about.

"I used to feel quite ashamed"

The To Be a Gay Man writer told the Evening Standard: "Although I still find relationships hard due to past traumas, I’m at peace with my sexuality.

“Actually, I’m very happily single and don’t want to be in a relationship."

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The 'Leave Right Now' singer added: "I used to feel quite ashamed about that but I don’t now, in my forties — it’s been liberating.”

In 2017, Will also told ES of his hopes to have a family, saying: "Oh yeah. I’d be a great parent. I love kids.

“I mean, it changes from day to day, I think. The problem with being a gay man, I say, is that I can’t sleep with my boyfriend and magically produce a child.

"So there’s a lot more time to think. I can’t go, ‘We’re trying for a baby’."

Former Attitude cover star Will's new album Crying On the Bathroom Floor is out on 6 August.

Yesterday the Evening Standard announced the first-ever Stories Festival in association with Netflix, with Will Young being on the lineup and a judge for the What's Your Story competition.

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